Staying Active in Retirement


Staying Active in Retirement

Many of our blogs on this site deal with planning your financial future in retirement. We are always focused on helping our clients secure retirement income so that they can do the things they want after retiring. So, let’s assume you’ve done the hard work, saved your money and have secured your retirement income. What do you do now? Here are some tips for a happy and healthy retirement.

Have an Active Social Life

There is a link between being lonely and poor health. This could include high blood pressure, poor immune response, and higher risk of chronic illness, early death, and cognitive decline. Including regular social activities into your retired life are important to mental health and living longer. Joining social groups such as supper and book clubs can be a great way to make friends and expand your social circle. Attending concerts or taking art and writing classes are also away to stay connected with people. Spending time with others is an important part of life as a retiree.

Working Part-Time

Some retirees choose to work a part-time job, not because they lack financial security, but because it allows them to stay active. Quality of life can greatly increase when you are around other people and feel needed. Other retirees may choose to start a new business and embracing and entrepreneurial spirit. Often these jobs are low-stress and rewarding and may feel more like a hobby.


For retirees who don’t need the money but still want to stay active socially and feel needed, volunteering could be an option. Helping the community can not only your days, but it can give you the meaning and purpose that many people seek. That can lead to better mental and physical health. To find which volunteer jobs could be right for you, ask yourself if you’ll want your work to be related to your previous career or if you want to try something new. You may choose to be more active in an organization you’re already a working with or find a worthy cause to donate your time and skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

Exercising and Staying Active

Movement can help you stay mentally and physically healthy and improve your mood. Walking everyday can be a great start to staying active and walking with your friends can also turn exercise into a social activity. Many fitness and community centers offer exercise classes for seniors designed to benefit older members. Make sure that you check with your doctor to make sure that the exercise you choose is safe for you.

If you want to focus on the things you want to do in retirement, you need a solid retirement income plan. At Blue Waters Financial Group, we are committed to helping our clients achieve all their retirement goals. To schedule your no-obligation meeting and discuss your retirement income plan, just click on the link below or call us today at 704-790-2583 (BLUE).

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